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We are dedicated to the success of our clients and following ethical guidelines when working with our clients and working with the search engines we partner with.


Your safety is our priority! Your information are reserved in any case. Trust us, and thus your trust will be rewarded.


Experience ultimate stability with us and take firm steps towards your goal!

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Never feel helpless with us supporting you... feel free to ask for any kind of help that falls into our expertise! We can be your best friend!


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The Google AdWords Premier Partner Program

consists of high quality companies like Bertina International


BERTINA is the one of best company that specifically to help businesses solve their challenges of their online marketing. We’ve spent more than a decade building digital marketing , we are analyzing over a million campaigns, and developing experts who collaborate with you to get the results you want.



We do the right thing at the right time in the right way.

Customer Focus

We are relentless about understanding our customers' needs and exceeding their expecations.

Crative services

We prove the success. our services give you maximum results and the best return on your marketing investment



 We help solve your challenges of online marketing and  understand what your business need, we are developing a digital marketing strategy, and managing the solutions that get you the most return from your online marketing investment.


As a premier google partner We can make your online advertising is becoming more effective. Our Comprehensive and effective approach change your business, we help to change your online marketing and making sure you are getting the best results for their money.


 We help solve your challenges of online marketing and  understand what your business need, we are developing a digital marketing strategy, and managing the solutions that get you the most return from your online marketing investment.

We’re A Premier Google Partner

Google AdWords has so many ways to spend your money hidden within settings. If you do not know they are there, you may waste a large percentage of your budget before you realize it.  Being a Premiere Google Partner Agency, Bertina is required to have multiple certified AdWords professionals.  As an agency, we strive to deliver the best results.

BERTINA is premier google partners. Certified Google Partners have proven they obtain the knowledge of Google Adwords and are dedicated to paid search marketing as well as pay-per-click for a number of clients. If Google trusts Bertina, then you can too!

advantages of working with BERTINA:

  • Best practice knowledge and experience
  • Hiring a Premier Google Partner to manage your AdWords account can help save you time and maximize your return on investment.
  • Access high-quality service


There’s a number of requirements to becoming a Premier Google Partner, with the main being the following:

  • Having more than two Google Adwords Qualified experts (all our Account Managers are Google Adwords Qualified)
  • Managing over a certain spend threshold monthly for our Google Adwords Clients
  • Meeting the performance requirement of Google by delivering solid overall AdWords revenue and growth, and maintaining and growing your customer base.

This means, that not only is our team an expert in Google’s eyes (as well as our own!), but we’ve been commended by Google for managing high levels of spend for clients and generating a strong ROI for them.


Simply put, it means that our clients get even more support from Google with their Adwords Campaigns, whether this be text, display, shopping, gmail or remarketing.

All in all there are a lot of advantages for our clients when dealing with Bertina as a premier Google partner agency. The fact we are a Specialist PPC agency, whose sole focus is on delivering profitable PPC Campaigns for our clients, means we utilise our relationship with Google to our clients full advantage.



Graham Redmon, IEMT Group

“Bertina is absolutely great to work with. From the time I first called through the entire process they are very helpful, listen to our needs, and develop the plan for success that fits our target”


Jessica Hoots, Universal IUMMT TOURS

 “The service was prompt, pleasant, and competent. Personnel were helpful and knowledgable. Overall, a great experience”


Justin Eshed,ICUM Universal Commercial

 “The results have been immediate, we see positive results, and I’m very optimistic about what Bertina can and will do for our firm going forward”


Melissa Michaels, CMWF Wealth Management

 “Our experience with Bertina has been a tremendous help to our business. That’s great team and great experience”


Susan Noe, ITWB Counseling Group

 “After switching over from a different marketing company, working with the Bertina team has been refreshing our business and I have more customers”


Brain Dattalo,WT Universal Realty

 “Very good experience working with Bertina team. They are professional but so friendly and easy to work with. They help to make your business successful”


  • To execute Google AdWords campaigns according to clients' strategy and marketing objective To handle over 500 potential companies
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Search engine marketing

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  • Email marketing
  • Develop skills with technology tools and platforms
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Visual marketing
  • Supervisor and Plan Designer of Mechanical Installation for Projects in United States Include of: Clinical Surgery Centers, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Universities, Shopping Centers, Schools, Refineries, Industrial Workshops, Office Buildings, Banks and etc.
  • Video Content Marketing

  • Analyzed competitive products in terms of reliability and features.
  • Calculated sales forecasts for newly launched products – Defined the financial budget and targets for new sales projects.
  • Trained new members of the sales force – Monitored the performance of different personnel associated with a project and compare it to the month’s objectives.

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  • Worked on more than one sales project at a same time.
  • Developed impressive sales plan through effective sales methodology.
  • Communicated with clients and merchants to improve and develop business relationships cordially, in addition to maintaining constant follow-up on their feedback.
  • Assisted with the company helpline and serve as customer representatives to customers having technical difficulties.
  • Demonstrated and presented software presentation with objective of increasing customer interest.
  • Maintained good relations with existing customers to promote new and upgraded products.
  • Helped in resolving critical issues related to sales, and escalated important matters to upper management.
  • Reviewed entire inventory lists on a daily basis to keep track of inventory flow.
  • Offered technical support by solving faults and problems.

  • Developed personal performance plans with agents and provided on-going performance feedback and performance plan reviews
  • Earned reputation as top performer, spearheading collection of 93% of old claims from 2006-2008, and 97% of billed charges for 2009.
  • Dramatically improved billing procedures by introducing proactive management techniques and continuous process improvements.

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  • Restructured and revitalized office operations and productivity in less than 2 months.
  • Generated revenue growth by negotiating increased rates on insurance contracts.
  • Led a team of Financial and Eligibility Service Consultants/Analysts, Business Analysts, and Project Consultant that are responsible for invoicing and collecting $800+m/year in healthcare insurance premiums and reconciling over 11,000 accounts per month.
  • Increased overall service levels of premium billing call center from a 67.72% (2005 result) to a 89.34% (2010 YTD result)
  • Exceeded premium aging results for over five years and launched new aging and collection processes to ensure results were exceeded.
  • Implemented various Risk Management Programs (Audit, Sarbanes-Oxley, Premium Collection Process).
  • Conducted weekly meetings that consisted of addressing problematic accounts, resolving routine questions and boost morale
  • Developed and implemented standard operating procedures to monitor work flow to ensure department ran at a maximum efficiency
  • Reviewed, analyzed and monitored all statistical data related to accounts receivable

  • Identify competitors and evaluate the performance
  • Providing digital marketing strategy and social media and Writing digital performance marketing plan
  • Prepare a proposal and implementation plan and define service

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  • Content Making (News, Reports, Creative, Occasion, Vas)
  • Check weaknesses and strengths
  • Compare digital marketing activities of domestic and foreign colleagues and competitors
  • Planning public relations and advertising
  • Identify appropriate advertising and promotional techniques
  • Identify the target audience of the services
  • Photojournalism
    Media monitoring, news gathering, prepared daily news bulletin
  • Bulletin preparation and reporting of advertising and competition / Keep a calendar of media, content, and advertising
  • Follow the news
    Planning affairs hold press conferences, exhibitions and conferences

  • Developing and Designing digital marketing campaigns
  • Web analyzing and making recommendations on site architecture as it relates to SEO,
  • Utilize data from Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to prepare monthly reports, monitor performance, and optimize results

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  • Creating, managing and editing content in a web-based environment (Including websites and social media)
  • Responsibility for planning and budgetary control of all digital marketing campaigns Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data
  • Develop appropriate online strategies to ensure the website reach its target audiences as effectively as possible leading to brand awareness and website traffic growth. This consist of but not limited to content creation/optimization, PPC account management, data analysis and social media best practices
  • Launched all online marketing channels (PPC, SEO, Social Network)
  • -Managed marketing mix including social media, influencer marketing, growth hacking
  • Monitor and implement Social Media activity

  •  Setting up and optimizing effective Google AdWords campaigns
  • Managing Google AdWords campaigns & maximizing online advertising returns
  • Generating potential leads via AdWords campaigns

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  • Gathering and analyzing data
  • Implementing social media strategy
  • Monitoring, analyzing and reporting the impact of social media posts and campaigns
  • Contributing to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining social media strategies to be applied to increase visibility of brands, utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and etc
  • Recommending comprehensive strategies that employ social media marketing techniques to increase visibility, traffic, customer acquisition and retention
  • Analyzing, reviewing, and reporting on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results
  • Monitoring trends in social media tools, trends and applications and appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of social media
  • Performing social media surveys, and campaigns to facilitate engagement opportunities