Google Search Engine Advertising

Advertising is one of the most important principles for the progress of any business. The more you are seen in the online world, the more you can display your products and services and increase your sale. Google is currently the most visited website in the world. The first rank of Alexa and over 42 billion visits per month can indicate the importance of this issue. If you want everyone to know about your company or business, Google will be the right place for you.
Google Ads will allow you to place your ads on first page of Google and above the other results. The statistics show that the highest number of visits take place in 4 or 5 top results of Google. Therefore, the number of your website customers and visitors will grow dramatically in a short time.


Display Advertising

Display ads is one of the Google services which allows businesses to display their advertisement banners to users on highly-visited sites and apps.
If targeted and well-designed, Google display Ads can be highly effective in branding, attracting customers and increasing sale.
There are several features embedded in Google display Ads which allow businesses to target their audiences accurately and analyze their advertisements in details. The possibility to choose the age, gender and location of the user and also display time, provider sites and applications and devices (mobile, desktops, and tablets) are the main advantages of this service of Google.


Video advertising

Video contents are appealing to the audience; therefore, it is effective to take the advantage of the video advertisements.
Video content often engage the minds of people for a long time and accelerate the branding process well.
It is worth noting that YouTube is inherently an effective social advertising network; therefore, it is a good choice for video advertising, given its low cost.
Google Video Ads service helps you to display your promotional videos on YouTube and use features such as the ability to select age, gender, location, display intervals, topics of interest, etc., and advertise your video perfectly. Reports received from a video ad include the number of video hits, the number of clicks on the ad to visit the site, the percentage of video hits by users, etc. By analyzing these statistics, you can get the best feedback from Google Video Ads.


Application Advertising

Application Ads on Google Play and App Store! A way that your application can be seen.
considering the speed of the applications development, there is an urgent need for introducing and advertising them.
Advertising an application means persuading users to install it. One of the most important factors in advertising an application is choosing the right place for a targeted advertise.
Advertising an application (application advertising) is one of the Google ads services that merely provides an introduction and installation link for applications which are registered on Google Play or App Store. Google Play and App Store are 2 most important references for installing different applications and a great choice for advertising your applications.
Through this service, you can also advertise your application in other valid applications and simply increase your application users.



Gmail Advertising

Gmail can be called the most popular e-mail server in the world which has attracted many users.
Considering the long time users spend on email pages, displaying ads in Gmail can be a great opportunity for you to direct them to your business.
By activating Gmail advertisement, your business banner or video will be displayed as an email at the highest point in Gmail inbox.




Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is one of the effective online advertisement which allows businesses to promote their own customized ads or provide content to their target audiences. This work is done with different costs, which is usually calculated based on access to the audiences and their interaction. Facebook ads can be displayed in the News Feed section of the audiences or the right column of Facebook. When you advertise on Facebook, you can get an insight into your current and potential customers. The information and data you collect through your Facebook Ads can improve ads targeting for better and more effective experience.



Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads have become increasingly important today. This can be because of the fact that Instagram is the best social media platform for customer participation.
If you want to increase your income, expand your business prosperity, or even improve your branding, Instagram Ads are the right choice for you.


Website design




Website Design And Customer Attraction

In today's world, surfing the Internet has become one of the daily routine of individuals; therefore, setting up a website can be one of the primary requirements for any business.



Website Design Using The Latest Web Technologies

Due to the increase in using smartphones and the importance of the site loading speed for users, designing a website with a very good loading speed, appealing appearance and responsiveness and using UI and UX rules can be effective in attracting the audience.



Website Design Based On On-Page SEO Principles

If you consider the initial principles of On-Page SEO, You will have fewer problems and challenges for Off-Page-SEO improvement and successful results among search engines.