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April 25, 2018

Bye bye Google ads accelerated delivery

Google Ads

Google ads delivery method switch to standard delivery

Last month Google announced that it planned to removing the Google ads accelerated delivery options for search and shopping campaigns. Google noted all campaigns using this option in search and shopping campaigns will automatically migrated to standard delivery.

It is recommended that advertisers who were using accelerated option in their campaigns switch to standard delivery by visiting their campaign setting page and changing the budget delivery setting.

On 7th of October all search and shopping campaigns which were using accelerated delivery will automatically migrated to standard delivery. And since 14th of October accelerated delivery option will no longer available for google ads including via the AdWords API, Google Ads API and google ads scripts.

It seems Google’s aim for removing Google ads accelerated delivery from ad delivery options because it thinks the option doesn’t help advertisers to utilization of budgets. Search or even shopping campaigns which are limited by budget and using accelerated budget will cause higher CPC due to higher auction pressure in the early hours. And also removing this option is another shift to machine learning. And Google mention standard delivery has been updated and become more optimized ad delivery based on advertiser’s goal.

To have more control on the ways which ads are delivered throughout the day, Google recommended using ad schedule. This option will allow advertisers to increase or even decrease their bids during the day.