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AdWords for Video/Google True View

AdWords for Video/Google True View

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Nowadays running a traditional AdWords campaign is very expensive & competitive so Google AdWords for video gives you a big opportunity to have less competition & cheaper keyword costs. AdWords for video make you able to show your video in video search result or before, during and after videos. You can use demographic targeting and more control on your audience.

The biggest advantage of true view is providing suitable feedback for advertisers.

Who are the users?

Where are they coming from?

Are they waiting or not?

By daily using and reviewing this data, you can notably decrease your cost per click/view overtime.

In true view 3 formats are offered:

  1. In-stream
  2. In-search
  3. In-display

*It should be noted that in-slate isn’t use anymore. These formats are a bit different from each other.



In these format you can play Ads in the beginning, middle or end of YouTube partner videos.

*Partners are those users who make money by showing ads in there videos.

Viewers can skip the ad after 5 seconds. If your video ad in 30 seconds or longer, you are charged after 30 seconds but if It’s shorter, you are charged after showing the whole video.



In this format ads are shown by searching specific keyword and you are charged if the user clicks to play the video.



In this format ads are shown next to other videos ladled as an ads. You are charged if the user clicks to play the video.

It should be mentioned that your advertisement can be shown in different formats to help you ti test which one is the best for your product or service.


How to optimize whether AdWords for video is appropriate for you or not:

Although video is beneficial, it can’t be useful for all businesses for the following reasons:

  1. Demographics
  2. You viewers may not be interested in your video.
  3. Your video should be interesting enough to attract people attention. Hiring an expert who can produce a great video is expensive.
  4. The cost of making a video can be more than writing a traditional AdWords advertisement.


How to make a great video ad:

We have some tips for you to make an eye-catching video ad:

  1. You video should be short enough(no longer than 60-90 seconds)
  2. Your video should be relevant to the audience. It means that you need to pay a lot of attention to your keywords and test theme regularly to remove those which are not useful.
  3. Your video can be accompanied by customer testimonials(interviewing, creating customer logo wall and taking people recitation are good examples of testimonials)
  4. Your message should be determined and constant.
  5. You shouldn’t waste a lot of time and energy to create the content that already exists. You just need to repurpose your existing content.