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April 25, 2018
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Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan

digital marketing

For those companies that want to attract & acquire more costumers and contacts the use of digital (web) marketing plan is crucial. In fact, a high digital marketing plan can have a positive impact on attracting and gaining more participants, sponsors and exhibitors. It means that it can be helpful to achieve the goals of a business.

  1. Build a content strategy

digital market

It is clear that you should build content but creating it and just waiting for visitors to engage with you cannot improve your business. You definitely need a content strategy that includes a social plan, engagement efforts, optimization. Measuring conversions,… So the first step is to think carefully about all these elements and how you can achieve your goals.


  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)


A solid digital marketing plan includes SEO that make you sure that your content is both reader friendly and engine friendly.

There are some ways to make a great SEO plan:

  1. Keyword research

Use search terms of phrases that are relevant to your events.

  1. Link building

Find other websites whose content is related to yours and link them to a page on your website with specific highlighted keywords.

  1. Social networking

Use online communities to interact with others to share content.

It can help you to promote your brand/event, tell other people about your product/event in order to attract them and build relationship with your participants.

It should be mentioned that everything should be shareable and can be found with a simple search.

  1. Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

Use inbound marketing NOT interruption one that include paid ads at

Face book, Google, Twitter, etc.

Inbound marketing earns peoples’ interest rather than buying it. We all know it’s not easy but it is surely possible with the right plan of action.

  1. Create solid landing pages

landing page

It is important to optimize your website as well as your content. Your landing pages should be straight to the point and you need to make sure that your landing pages convey the right message. Using slideshows or videos of images can be useful.

  1. Focus on your website architecture


A great digital marketing plan needs a great website. The first thing that visitors see, before registering, is your website in which they should intuitively know where everything can be found. So you should make sure what visitors see in your website can respond to their needs & interests.

  1. Develop a social media plan

Most traders think that social media is only a few posts on different social networks! It is completely wrong. If you use social networks, you should check them regularly to make sure to answer any questions by visitors.

  1. Use analytics to find out what’s working


Without measuring all your efforts would be useless!

Your event is a repetitive cycle that needs regular engagement and must be evaluated any time to figure out what worked or didn’t work well.

As a result, a great marketing plan requires the right strategy, right instruments and one on one assessment.